Nouveauté: Tests rapides COVID19 validés par le Ministère de la Santé en France

30 years supplying quality medicines in Africa

MULTI-G is your choice partner in Africa for all your pharmaceutical needs.

We have been providing most of French speaking Africa's national procurement agencies for almost thirty years. These partnerships are strong and long lasting in a very competitive environment because we provide only quality products, we are agile, we are price competitive and we always deliver.

We have the capacity to meet any government's, institution's or hospital's need for quality, compliant, traceable and competitive medicines as well as medical devices, consumables, medical biology reagents, Covid-19 rapid tests and PCR kits.

Most of our products bear our brand because we take full responsibility and we guarantee their quality. 

Our products will make you successful

We have developed a range of competitive and niche targeted products which are registered and available on the wholesalers private market: contrast media for medical imaging, injectables, OTC, fertility hormones, anti-cancer medicines. These are high value-added and fast growing areas where competitive and high quality generic products generate high revenue.

Contact us to know more about how we can meet your need for quality and competitive medicines in your market. 

COVID-19 Ab and Ag Rapid Tests

Since January 2020, right from the beginning of what was going to become the COVID-19 pandemic, MULTI-G had understood the importance of providing high quality and reliable Covid-19 response solutions.

Well aware of the trust issue towards rapid tests coming from China or other countries with lower compliance system, and the need for products made in the EU with all the corresponding quality, transparency and reliability standards, we have developed in-house a range of antibody and antigenic rapid tests.

Our range of antibody tests is unique and includes the following tests: 
- IgM/IgG, 
- IgG, 
- Igm+IgA/IgG, 
- Total (IgA+IgM+IgG)
The data we provide comes from studies carried out in European hospitals, it is demonstrable and reliable.

Our production site located in Antwerp, Belgium is fully ISO and EU-GMP compliant.

Our rapid tests provide you with the performance and reliability you and your customers are looking for.

Visit our Covid19 rapid tests website:

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