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30 years supplying quality medicines in Africa

MULTI-G is your choice partner in Africa for all your pharmaceutical needs.

We have been providing most of French speaking Africa's national procurement agencies with hundreds of generic medecines, contrast media and cancer medicines for almost thirty years. These partnerships are strong and long lasting in a very competitive environment because we provide only quality products, traceability, and regulatory compliance. We are agile, we are price competitive and we always deliver.

We have the capacity to meet any government's, institution's or hospital's need for quality, compliant, traceable and competitive medicines as well as medical devices, consumables, medical biology reagents, rapid tests and PCR kits.

Most of our products bear our own brand because we take full responsibility and we guarantee their quality. 

Our products will make you successful

We have developed a range of competitive and niche targeted products which are registered and available on the wholesalers private market: contrast media for medical imaging, injectables, OTC, fertility hormones, anti-cancer medicines. These are high value-added and fast growing areas where competitive and high quality generic products generate high revenue.

Contact us to know more about how we can meet your need for quality and competitive medicines in your market. 

Eradicating cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer is highly preventable.
Still it takes the heaviest toll on African women. Multi-G has put together a solution that enables governments, MoHs, NGOs to scale up the prevention of cervical cancer to a  level that was not possible before.
Our solution is tailored for the African context because it is affordable, doesn't require high investment, doesn't require laboratories, doesn't require highly trained personnel, doesn't even need to be plugged into the electricity grid. It can be easily, efficiently and rapidly deployed thoughout the territory. It consists of:
- A rapid test that detects HPV E6 and E7 oncoproteins. It provides a result in 15 minutes, high positive predictive value of cervical klesions, at a fraction of the cost of PCR HPV tests.
- A portable, battery operated, digital and connected colposcope that provides high quality images for reliable diagnostic. IVA is not highly inter operator dependant and therefore not reliable enough.
- A portable battery operated thermal ablation device to treat the pre-cancerous lesion in 30 seconds.
We are currently supplying our solution to NGOs and MoHs in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Kenya and Rwanda.
- Using a rapid test is a game changer, just as it has been for malaria and AIDS. 
- Using a colposcope increases so much the quality of the diagnostic that you will only treat the patients that really need it. Also you keep the images on record and build a knowledge base that allows you to train your staff and assess the quality of the service provided.
- Using battery operated and small portable devices is another game changer that allows you to cover the whole territory, no matter how remote, or how little infrastructure and service is available.
- Thermal ablation is just as efficient as cryotherapy, but causes less pain during or after the treatment, and doesn't require consumables such as NO2, quite difficult to procure and to carry around.
Contact us and let's discuss how we can make a real change in the eradication of cervical cancer

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